JavaScript developer coding in React

JavaScript and WordPress: Thoughts on the React Debate

The web is moving steadily toward being an API-driven medium, and JavaScript is playing a huge role in that. However you feel about it, it’s a fact. Over the past year or so, I’ve found some general consensus among other developers. Front-end developers are thrilled, because this opens up a brand new realm of possibilities. […]

Difficulties Updating or Emptying Cart After Magento 1.9 Upgrade

Magento 2: The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between

Magento 2 has, of course, been with us for a bit, now. If you’re running a Magento storefront, or if you’ve considered doing so, you’ve almost certainly read about this new version. Magento 2 is a dramatic change from Magento 1.x, both for the end-user and the developer. I’ve (finally) taken some time to experiment […]

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WordPress Quick Tip: Display Only Immediate Children of the Current Page

I was working on a custom WordPress site recently, and came upon an interesting scenario. The client has a page of offered services, displayed as a grid of images with titles. The services offered by the client are hierarchical: that is, there are top level services, which drill down to second-level services, which drill to down to […]

Version control: a source of backups for developers

Backups: Thoughts on a Single Point of Failure

Backups are important. We know this. Not just a backup, but redundant backups. Your backups should have backups. This isn’t just true of the code that you’re writing for a client or the great American novel that you’re writing for yourself. Think of those family photos of your child growing up, or the videos of the […]

Thoughts on an Inverted Workflow: Don't get hung up on unicorns

Thoughts on an Inverted Workflow

Like most web professionals, I have a workflow that I continuously re-visit as new technologies become available. The goal is to find the most efficient way of producing work for a client that I can, in order to give the client a better price on the finished product. I’m generally not overly opinionated about workflows. […]