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David Brown - Developer, Designer, Content Writer

I was a writer before I was a developer, and my start on the web was in content. I moved there sort of naturally from journalism and copywriting, back when blogs were first beginning to be a thing. My transition into programming was some time later, and I saw it as a natural extension of writing: telling the story of what the browser needed to do. My first love was PHP, but JavaScript has finally become interesting again, and I have a great deal of fun with all front-end work, as well. I’m a full-stack developer (yes, we do still exist), and I love the variety of solving problems in both ends of the stack. I’m equally at home administering a server, building a de-coupled application, manipulating graphics in Photoshop, or organizing all of those thoughts of yours into words that catch the reader’s eye.

You should know that I believe there’s a right way and wrong way to write code. Best practices exist for a reason. I don’t always reach for the shiny new toy to do the job: I prefer technologies that have been around and that have proven reliable. I believe in taking a bit longer to make certain something is done right.

How I Can Help


Security Consulting

Content Management Systems


I’ve worked for and with agencies and corporations of all shapes and sizes, including some multi-national giants like Cisco and Kaspersky Lab, international airports, and small businesses. I’ve learned the needs of all stripes of users of the web, from storefront owners to casual bloggers, and I have a broad toolkit to help you achieve your goals. Content management systems? I have years of experience with WordPress, and I’m an Acquia-certified Drupal 8 developer. Completely custom applications? I can do that, as well. Security consulting? One of my specialties.

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Have an idea for a project? Or just want to strike up a conversation? I’d love to chat.