Hi. I’m Dave. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’m a full-stack developer, designer, and content writer.

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I’m a digital creative, a code-smith and a word-smith dividing my time between the greater Boston and greater Raleigh areas. I design and build solid websites with the functionality to achieve your goals. I fill those sites with quality content, because a website isn’t great unless it says something, is it?

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My Episode of the The Work Seminar

If you’re interested in unusual career progression, or the difference between introverts and extroverts, or even the crazy life of a developer, I think you might enjoy my episode of The Work Seminar.

Redefining the Office

The future of work is here, and we need to embrace it. Spoiler: it doesn’t involve offices.

Subscription Models: The Problem with Never Owning Anything

When I had just finished college, through the first few years of my married life, I was completely satisfied to rent. Granted, we moved frequently…

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